Moving Forward By Giving Back.

Moving Forward By Giving Back.

The Getz family believes that giving back is an inherent responsibility of growing the family’s overall capital. In a world where needs are great, and with the philosophy that the private sector can make a difference, generations of Getz family members have improved the lives of others. The Getz family supports its individual and collective philanthropic interests through the Globe Foundation.

Celebrating what matters.

Started in 1958, the Globe Foundation has steadily grown in size and total charitable gifts. The Foundation also serves as a training vehicle for current and future generations of family members, teaching the history of the family’s philanthropy and commitment to continue its philanthropic heritage.

From fire axes to firemen’s helmets, trucks to trumpets, George Jr.’s collection of historic fire-fighting equipment grew so large he established the popular Hall of Flame museum in Phoenix.

Hall of Flame Museum